Monday, December 24, 2012

3 weeks

Well, 3 weeks today. Locked not touched or stroked nor sex nor blowjobs. Just teased and denied every night then i pleasure my Owner as she usually ridicules my now useless cock(her cock). She has decided once a month i will be unlocked completely shaven and checked for chaffing as i seem to have some under the ring on my testicles. But it could just be from constantly getting hard then soft on a daily basis from all the teasing  i get. We are still going to get the Queens Keep from We also did a scene last night, but only for about 40 minutes, did you know if you take a bath or shower before a scene it intensifies the pain ten fold? How do i know you may ask? Well as the weeks have gone by i have taken much more ball busing and spankings than before. Last nights scene although a very hard scene it hurt oh so much more than usual. If you have any questions about my chastity or cbt or spankings or how to please your Mistress leave a comment or catch me on fetlife as LdyBlazeslave. We are going to a play party in a day or so, i am very intrigued to see other scenes. All in all life is good as a slave, a hard road to lead if your not true to yourself or your owner so be true to what the heart wants and yo will get it.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Welded shut

Well.....It has been 2 weeks since i have been unlocked or touched, today i soldered the s hook closed completely as i was instructed to do so. Teased, denied, and serving forever. As long as my owner is happy then i am happy. That is the way a slave should think, does not matter if a slave wants, his wants should be to please his owner. I enjoy this new life that i have dreamed of for so long. I can promise you i will not be messing this up. Back to my service, i did chores today with a butt plug in and clover leaf clamps, and it was harder and took longer as my plug always wants to pop out, as i clean the floors on my hands and knees. I think my owner liked it too much(lol) may be doing that a lot more.So a question, does any one who serves ask and want more pain after a week or more of denial? I do, i have found myself asking to be punched or kicked in the balls more, twisted? I think not, the few minutes of pain i am not wanting an orgasm, for a few minutes. Oh what a fun life for my owner.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Heavy tease

So, a whole week and not unlocked. I was teased to the max as well. My owner teased me in ways i never thought about. Anyone ever done anal? Well while your locked up and your anus is rubbed poked and licked will drive you insane, trust me when i say that it will. I was locked and im teased every night every day, my balls are rubbed, sucked, licked, flicked, smacked and it sucks but feels oh so nice.And the best/worst part? No release out of the cage or an orgasm in sight. With the s hook we installed and the strap we used for around my waist i cant pull out. I am truly going to be teased and denied forever now. You might think to yourself oh she will let him have an orgasm after another week(as with my previous post about 3 weeks and i was given an orgasm) yo would be wrong. She is so happy now with the way i treat her as my Mistress so she has never again will i cum. So do want an orgasm? Of course i do, but like a wedding vow i have told her if making her happy means no orgasms ever again then i shall gladly give them up.But let me tell any of you one thing, being unlocked and edged and denied is no where near as bad as being locked and never touched and teased. Trust me on this one as i have done this both ways. I will only be unlocked when we get the Queens keep. What does anyone think about me melting down the new security keys for the Queens keep for wedding bands? I thought if My owner truly never wanted me unlocked i would have them melted down for her wedding band not mine. Would be more fitting for her to wear my "key" as her ring than for me. i hope someone with a sensible reply lets me know their opinion in that matter.

Monday, November 26, 2012

sealed away

So Saturday Nov.24th,was the last time i will be out of cage ever and my last orgasm. We used a heavy duty s hook and bent around in the cage so it will not be coming off. We will be getting the Queenskeep chastity device in a few months with security screws, but this will not be easy to undo when we get the new one in. My owner has decided that no touching at all is better than edging me weekly. It does seem to make me hornier and more desperate this way. So we will see i guess,lol. I have also installed a "pet"tag on the s hook on my cage. it has my name Pet and if found call and her number. Owned to  a new meaning right? But i thought this blog i might go over some details...a day in the life of a 24/7 owned slave if you will.

So when i wake up in the morning to go to work i make her coffee, if im off work i lick her to an orgasm,this might include ass worship too as she loves that. I must text her on every break and when i leave work and see if i must stop to get her anything she needs.
When i arrive home i must strip naked and crawl to her and remove her shoes and socks and kiss her feet while she steps on my hands,i am in the present position( on my knees ass way up legs spread wide and forehead on my hands, i move my head for her feet) then i stay in this position till she snaps her fingers for me to get up. I get her a drink and usually light her a cigarette and ask for permission to sit on the couch with her. If given permission i sit if not i sit at her feet and rub them otherwise i rub them on the couch. When she leaves the room i must be in present position when she returns. If we leave and come home together then i must strip and be in present until she calls for me. I do most of the chores, she cooks and i clean up after. Any scenes we do i do no matter what. I give her orgasms most every night, i am teased daily and nightly and denied. So any slave should be jealous as i now live the life a true slave dreams of.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

So one week no touching at all other than washing myself in front of my owner. then on Sunday we had an edging session and i had to small ruined orgasms. I couldn't believe that happened...twice. Needless to say she was not happy and her balls got a good beating till i teared up. But we all know that a ruined orgasm does nothing other than empty the balls, I'm still horny.. We did join a group and i went to my first munch. It was very interesting indeed. A lot of different people with different views. It did seem however i was the only male sub/slave there. There seems to be others but where not there that night. I had a great time and cant wait to go to another. So now we are going to do no touching at all, for a few weeks, mainly as punishment because i am not allowed to have any orgasms ruined or not. So this is week two of denial.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New week

OK, we went three weeks no orgasms for me. then we had an orgasm night, then one unauthorized orgasm. Let me tell  you ass whippings and cbt hurt so much more after two orgasms. So my owner has decided no more orgasms for me, she seems to like me much better when I am denied. So we will say Monday 11/12/12 is the first day of the new denial period. Technically it would start Sunday but we will just say Monday anyway. The straps we started using are still working pretty good, although i think they have stretched a little but they will still prevent the device from slipping down and any pulling out. i will blog again Monday on this weeks progress. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

2 weeks

well its been two weeks so far no orgasms. My owner says never again will orgasm, but there are two ways i can and she isn't telling me. But she says no where in the foreseeable future. I wonder if any one wearing the jailhouse has the same problems i have with it? I seem to have the problem of it sliding down on me a lot, constantly pulling my ball sack to push it back up. if i use a smaller ring i get chafe. so i decide to use a piece of rope and tie it on both ends of the ring. worked fantastic, no sliding at all. So when my owner got home we used a piece of leather and we will sew it on. no way to pull out, not that could before but i imagine smaller guys could. but i cant get hard at all using the leather strap. My owner seems to like that better which is good to see her pleased. i went down on her last nigh and used a dildo and she seemed to like it very much as she professed i will never cum now doing that to her as she liked it way more lol. then again this morning. I have to sat i am pleased to be owned by her this is the life every slave dreams of, to be owned and only thoughts of pleasing her. I even think of ways to please her more every day and she loves that, so i will continue thinking of ways i can make her even more happy and more suffering for her pet.